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DuPage Montessori School is an accredited Montessori school with locations in Naperville and Wheaton. Our Naperville location enrolls students from 15 months to 8th grade. Our Wheaton location goes from ages 2 to 6 (Toddler to Kindergarten). We have Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary programs grounded in the Montessori teaching method by which abstract concepts can be taught at a young age from using concrete materials and project-based teaching methods. We pride ourselves on having the most advanced and comprehensive Montessori available. We have created many materials which other schools do not have.

Montessori Versus Traditional Education

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Periodic Table Material

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Naperville Summer

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Take a look at Skyline, an iPad/iPhone app created at DuPage Montessori.
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DuPage Montessori School is a nonprofit school admitting students of any race, color, and
national or ethnic origin.